Ribes 'King Edward' Red Flowering Currant

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  • 30039 SE Orient Dr
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  • Where the West end of Bluff Rd meets Orient Dr.

Red Flowering Currant Shrubs, so easy, so colorful! Rarely bothered by weather, disease, and insects, plus ignored by deer. Wouldn't one look great in your yard right now?


We still have some big trees at small prices. Getting a bit too heavy for us to handle and they belong in the ground. So you get a big tree for a low price and my back aches a bit less, a win, win all around. Why not stop by and check them out?


We have limited hours but just call for us to be here for you, 503 663-4101, or if going by and the gate is open you are welcome to stop in. Six foot spacing at this time please, lets prevent the spread of Covid.